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Fortnite Tracker Guide: Stats, Leaderboards, Missions, Skins and Weapons

Fortnite Tracker

Fortnite is unarguably one of the best survival games and a very popular game right now. The game involves 100 players battling against each other, and the last man standing is crowned as the winner. It is an exciting and fast-paced game, and the players need to be always on their toes to survive the onslaughts from other players.

Fortnite Tracker Stats

If you are looking for the best Fortnite trackers that provide you instant stats, then look nowhere than It is an exclusive place for players of all levels of Fortnite players to check all kind of stats easily. The highly-advanced and the latest Fortnite tracking functionality employed by allows players to see important stats.

The game involves a lot of stats to be tracked and recorded like how many opponents you killed with a specific weapon, how many times you arrived at a certain place, the kill to death ratio, and so on. But unfortunately, at the end of the day, when you look at your Fortnite profile, you see just the stats for the number of games played, number of kills along with the number of top placements, etc.

Fortnite Stats Checker

Yes, it is looking at the various stats of your performance that gives you the needed boost to play the game again. But after a tiring day of all those shooting and killing and seeing only these few stats will not motivate players to take up the gun any sooner. But on the other hand, if you see that you crossed so many levels and hurdles by seeing so many stats, you know that you are fast improving and someday will be the one man standing.

Even though Fortnite doesn’t provide you with these stats there are other Fortnite tracking sites that help you find all kinds of stats. But remember they are not official Fortnite tracking sites and only 3rd party sites that only provide stats related to your gameplay. Let’s look at one of the best Fortnite tracking sites and how it helps you to improve your game.

What is Fortnite Tracker?

With Fortnite tracking sites, you can view a plethora of information about your game right from:

  • Your Commander Level
  • Collection Level
  • No. Of Zones Completed
  • Kill-to-Death Ratio
  • No of Kills
  • No of Deaths
  • No. of Wins
  • No. Of Top Placements – Leader Boards
  • Progress across custom timeframes
  • Season-wise Stats
  • Most Solo Wins in a specific time frame
  • No. of Chests Looted
  • No. of Zones Explored
  • No. of Days Logged in Fortnite
  • No. of Survivors Saved
  • No. of Gnomes Destroyed
  • No. of Structures Built
  • No. of Monsters Killed

Along with your gameplay statistics and your progress levels, you can also see the number of missions available to play, the number of llamas left, the game store items and their details and lots more.

Even though a lot of tracking websites available on the internet, not many offer comprehensive stats than two or three websites. Either the information is outdated or only provides you with the basic stats.

When it comes to tracking Fortnite Stats, is one of the popular Fortnite tracking websites in the world and contains some of the best in class players with them.

Fortnite Guide

Tracker Fortnite website allows players to see the total number of opponents they have killed, the number of times they have fought valiantly and died, and the total number of those famous wins, etc. And another important highlight of this website is that it allows you to compare your Fortnite Stats with your other friends too.

And not only do you see stats on, you will also see stats of other players. And you can see stats of some very professional players and legends of Fortnite also using for tracking their stats. If you are losing and want some inspiration, look nowhere than looking at the stats of these pros. And who knows your name will be displayed in the leaderboard soon.

Top Fortnite Streamers

The moment you open the website, you can see the list of three top Fortnite streamers. Every player in Fortnite wants to have their names listed on this leaderboard, but it requires a lot of hard work, patience, strategy, etc. Below the Top Fortnite Streamers list, you can see leaderboards categorized based on PC, PS4, and Xbox. If you want to search your stats, enter your Fortnite username and click Search on top of the Top Fortnite Streamers list, and you can see all your Fortnite Stats instantly.

Compare Fortnite Stats

If you want to compare your stats with your friends or other players, click the Compare Players tab on the top, and you can add two players to compare their stats. You can also filter players based on different categories like PS4, Xbox and PC.

The site also has a separate section that comes with a database of all the Fortnite Items, their price, rarity level, type, etc.

Fortnite Leaderboard

  • Fortnite Leaderboard shows the best of the best in the game
  • Track your progress and compete
  • See your overall statistics and check where you need to improve to get a better position
  • Use other Fortnite Trackers to become a pro and once you master it – go for the leaderboard
  • Use it to check your total number of matches and wins


Why Fortnite doesn't have their very own official tracking information is a mystery even to us. Even after millions of players are crying out loud to Fortnite to add more stats to the game, they are not heeding to the request. We don’t know why Fortnite is not willing to add this information. But that doesn’t stop you from getting all the stats you want. Yes, there are a lot of 3rd party tracker sites that allow you to monitor your game statistics and improvise your game accordingly. And one such Fortnite tracking website is that gives you all the important information in a simple and easy to view display.

Besides, every player, no matter which games he plays, they need to know how they perform so that they can improvise in areas they are weak. We hope this article has provided you with all the information you needed about Fortnite tracking websites and, what are the stats you can track and how TrackerFortnite will help you transform your game and place your name on the leaderboard soon.

Happy Tracking!