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New leak alleges more The Mandalorian content coming soon

Fortnite News  |  Mon - January 4, 2021 0:38  |  A+ | a-
Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games
Players have spent December completing Mandalorian challenges to unlock the beskar armour or chasing gnomes in an attempt to complete Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 challenges. A new leak suggests that some changes are coming to The Mandalorian aspects of the game.

Rumours were widespread that The Mandalorian content would be coming to Fortnite and players were not disappointed when the Din Djarin's beskar armour was discovered to be a secret skin. Also along for the ride is his companion Baby Yoda.

We have previously seen the likes of Deadpool, Master Chief and Kratos of God of War but Mando is unique in that he comes with a point of interest that looks set to be put through some change. The crash site of the Star Wars character's ship, Razor Crest, will start to look a little different as season 5 proceeds.

It is expected that POIs across the map will constantly be evolving throughout the season, some old ones are set to come back with new twists and we are sure the crash site will be part of this.

Leaks also suggest that The Mandalorian will have his own pickaxe in cosmetics. Early reports speculated it may be the dark saber or beskar spear but it seems more likely that it will be inspired by the rifle the bounty hunter uses in the Disney+ series.

This information comes from leaks so not only are they speculative but also may be subject to change.