Where to Find the Letter E on the Fortnite Map

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Where to Find the Letter E on the Fortnite Map

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Where to Find the Letter E on the Fortnite Map 

The final hidden letter in Fortnite has now become available for players to find. The letter E, which is the final letter in the word Fortnite, is available once players have completed all of the challenges from week 8.

How to complete the challenge 

The clue to the location of the letter E is displayed on the dive loading screen. The loading scene shows several players on a boat, and if you look in the background, you can spot the letter E sitting just above a lampost. This screen only becomes available after finishing the week’s challenges. This is an easy clue to miss, however, so let's take a look at exactly how to find this letter. The body of water the players are on in the scene is Hydro 16 Dam, which is located east of Slurpy Swamp,  or northwest of Misty Meadows. You will need to head on over to this and find the hidden letter.

Just like in the loading screen, the letter E is found just above a lampost, which is on the road that runs over the hydro dam. All you need to do is either get on a lorry to get across to get the letter or build your way up to the letter. 

Once you have grabbed the letter if it is the final one you need to find, then you will unlock the special Sorana skin for your efforts. If this is not the final one, then you can go back on the map and attempt to find the other missing letters. 

The locations of the other letters in Fortnite

  • F- On top of a hill east of lazy lake.

  • O- Underneath the beams at the beach house on Craggy Cliffs.

  • R- To the right of the biggest pipe at Slurry Swamp.

  • N- In a car garage just west of Holly Hedges.

  • I - In a barn at Frenzy Farm.

  • T- Underneath a bridge over the river in Weeping Woods