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Tracker Fortnite Updates (comments from the owner)

Tracker Fortnite News  |  Sun - October 4, 2020 9:08  |  A+ | a-
Tracker Fortnite
Tracker Fortnite
Hey guys, my name is Ernest and I am the owner and manager of Fortnite Tracker platform.
I became an owner in 2019, spring. Before that, TrackerFortnite was making its very first steps. It only had a basic (V1) Fortnite Tracker, a player comparison tool, leaderboard rankings and the picture of the Fortnite map. Nonetheless, the tracker had thousands of people visiting every day (number one country to this day is USA, while UK comes second). - Fortnite Tracker and its history

As soon as I took over, I looked into more ways on how we could help players. So we added a section for Guides, we worked very hard and added a V2 Tracker, Item and Challenge databases plus a News section. So we are growing and we would like you to help us! If you have any feedback or you would like to us as your own fortnite guide, then please email us at info @ (no spaces).

You can also get in touch if you would like to send us a donation. It is very costly to run a fortnite tracker since we have to pay our staff to take care of various trackers and databases, we have to pay journalists to write our news articles etc. So the more funds we collect, the better job we can do at providing you better services and introducing new things. So if you would like to donate (we accept many payment methods such as Skrill, PayPal, Cryptocurrencies and more), then please get in touch via email which was provided earlier.

The future

Assuming that we collect enough funds from generous donators, we would like to achieve these and more goals, it includes:
  • Adding more detailed guides, we would like to have tens of them in the beginning
  • Writing news articles more frequently, we had to stop during Corona, but we will be more active now, the more funds we receive - the more articles will be published
  • Adding more trackers and databases, this is a very time-consuming and costly process, but we understand that the more features we add - the better
  • Once we achieve all of these things, we would also love to look into other ways to expand and grow (supporting fortnite streamers, launching a forum etc.).

Thank you for supporting us,