How to Play Fortnite and secure a win: Strategy, Tips and Tricks

How to Play Fortnite and secure a win: Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Guide

Welcome to our ultimate Fortnite Battle Royale Guide that provides you with all the needed information you need to take your game to the next level. This guide looks at the latest tips and tricks, best strategies, weapons, battle pass, skins along with interesting eBooks about the game. So, gear up as take you through this ultimate tour about one of the most popular games in the world as of today.

Don’t think we need to provide you information about how the game works as we all know that main objective of the game is to survive as long you can and if you are the last man standing among the 100 odd opponents, then you are the winner.

If you want to survive long enough in the game, then you need to have information about every aspect of the game, the weapons, how to loot materials, ammunition and shield and eliminate enemy players. Unless you know these basic details, you won’t survive more than 2-3 minutes out there.

If you are just starting up with Fortnite Battle Royale, then we suggest that you read this guide till the very end so that you will pretty much confident when you start playing the game next time.

What is the best Fortnite strategy for a beginner?

  • Remember when you start the game, you begin with nothing and hence you need to be always on the lookout to grab loots as much as you can. The moment you land with your parachute on the Battle Royale ground, run towards any adjacent building. Because weapons and ammunitions are kept only inside building and not in the open

  • If you can grab a pickaxe quickly, well and good as using it you can destroy any items you see including trees, furniture or any other equipment along the way. Doing so helps you gather resources like stone, wood and metal which you find quite valuable to build items during a surprise encounter

  • During the start of the game, make sure to get your hands on at least these 3 types of weapons including a Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle and a shotgun. These three weapons can play a crucial role in eliminating enemies.

  • Try not to fire wildly at opponents as it will not only waste your ammunition but also give a chance time to aim and kill you quickly

  • Always be extra careful when you are trying to loot your enemies. It may a trap set by your enemy.

  • And remember that every structure out there can be destroyed including the ones you or your opponent’s build. Better not stay in one position for a long time.

  • There is always a way out of any situation you may face out there. It is your expertise and skill will help you come out of the situation as you quickly build a wall to protect yourself from the incoming fire or build stairs to climb on to tall buildings

  • And if you want to destroy a staircase quickly, just shoot at the bottom section and it collapses quickly

  • You don’t even shoot an enemy to kill him, but just make him fall him from a staircase and he will be killed instantly

  • Treasure chests provide you with larger loots when compared with scavenging for loots out in the open. So whenever you find a chest, open it quickly and grab the loot

  • And in case you spot a blue flare on the ground, then it means a loot is about to dropped right there. But take care that some of your opponents also planning to grab the loot. You can even use it as a bait to kill your opponents

Fortnite weapons

In Fortnite, you can find all kinds of weapons right from pistols to boogie bombs to rocket launchers. And weapons can be obtained throughout the game by grabbing loots, opening chests, supply drops and looting enemies and eliminated players etc. And unlike other games, the weapons in Fortnite come with a rarity clause attached to it.

Please see the rarity clause below where weapons marked grey are common and easy to find, where blue marking means that the weapons are rare to find. See this chart below to understand the gun rarity in Fortnite.

Fortnite weapon classes

In Fortnite Battle Royal game, the weapons are classified into following categories namely:

  • Assault Rifle

  • Shotgun

  • Submachine Gun

  • Kill-to-Death Ratio

  • Minigun

  • Sniper Rifle

  • Rocket Launcher

  • Handgun

  • Throwable

  • Special Weapons

Assault Rifles: These are selective-fire rifles capable enough to cause intense damage. It is a versatile weapon and suitable across all ranges and when loaded with a good magazine can be fired in full-auto.

Shotguns: Shotguns are weapons largely useful for use in close-range encounters. With just less than 2 shots, an enemy can be taken down easily.

Submachine Gun: These weapons provide you with higher fire rate and is also capable enough to provide good damage.

Miniguns: If you are looking to destroy structures like walls, staircases or temporary walls, then you can go for these miniguns as they provide higher fire rate along with a good damage output. But the noise is too much that you can be easily spotted by your enemies.

Sniper Rifles: Sniper Rifles can be used to take down an enemy by surprise. It is a long-range weapon and can easily take down an enemy in a single shot.

Rocket Launchers: Heavy damage weapons that are capable enough to destroy enemy forts in just seconds.

Handguns: Like shotguns, these weapons can be used for close to mid-range fighting.

Throwables: Each item in the list is different from the other. While some can cause heavy damage on enemies, some may help you to escape critical situations.

Special weapons: Fortnite comes with these kinds of special weapons from time to time and these are only available for some limited time.

Fortnite Weekly Challenges - Missions

Every week Fortnite provides its players with weekly challenges to help the earn more XP and level up quickly. These weekly challenges were first introduced in Season 3 and continues till date. From Season 5, Fortnite changed the rules that everyone can unlock the first 3 challenges and the next 4 is available only for battle pass players. Now these challenges are called Missions.

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How to successfully land in Fortnite Battle Royale

When it comes to landing your parachute in Fortnite Battle Royale, there is no place that is right or wrong for you to land. But if you plan your jump correctly you can escape the heavy gunfire easily and don’t get shot the moment you land. But if you take your time and jump later, you will encounter less enemies. You may also look to jump in areas that are heavily populated with lot of building so that you can find Fortnite loot chests and weapons quickly like Pleasant Park and Retail Row. But remember it is risky option as most of the players target these populated areas.

But it is even more dangerous to land in a quite area as you will need to travel by foot a long way to locate Fortnite loot chest locations and grab a weapon and you may be susceptible to face an enemy without any weapons on your hands. But if you are lucky enough, you will get more time to acclimatize with the environment and even work out your Fortnite gameplay and strategy easily.

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Be Alert and Kicking all the Timing

People who are successful in Battle Royal are the ones who are always on the lookout for enemies and alert all the time. Survival is the key here and you need to watch out for every clue and have a 360 degree view all the time. Remember by default all doors are closed in buildings, so if you spot an open door then it means already someone has went inside or someone is still inside. Once inside a building, stay focused and alert and listen to footsteps and since Fortnite comes with positional audio capability, you can easily gauge the distance just by the sound of it. And it is always better to wear a gaming headset for clear and precise audio.

floss move, a speedy dance created by the backpack kid.

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Engage only when you are sure of success

Engage only when you are sure of success

Survival is the key and that is what you need to focus if you look at winning the game and always assess your situation, location, your ammunition and weapons before engaging with an enemy. Even when an enemy start shooting, you can always build a wall to protect yourself from firing. And remember unnecessary firing will also reveal your location to other players too. But when you engage successfully and kill the opponent, then you will gain more XP along with the loot gained from the opponent.

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How to craft in Fortnite?

An important aspect of Fortnite is the ability of the players to build their own structures, items and weapons using materials they gather around. Before building any structures, players need to gather resources like wood, stone and metal. And remember crafting can be done only when you are inside a mission. Once you are in the mission, open the inventory menu on your left, click Schematics and you can see the list of items you need for building a structure or an item. Once you have gathered all the needed resources, just click “Craft” to complete building the structure.

How to escape The Storm Eye

Fortnite knows that if everyone holds themselves in one place without going for a combat, then the game becomes dull without any entertainment. And that is the reason they have come up with a strategy to get the players out from their hiding place using the Storm Eye. It is essentially a circle that decreases as the game progresses. And if you are fighting outside the circle, then you are likely to get some heavy damages.

So you are forced to move inside the circle. While some Fortnite players think that staying close to the perimeter can lengthen their survival, it won’t help them when it shrinks all the way down. Hence, the best option is to gather resources all the time and build a strong base to defend against your enemies. And always remember your exact location inside the circle and be prepared to move at any point of time.

What is Fortnite Floss (Dance)

Fortnite is not all about running around searching for weapons or going on a killing spree, you could also have some fun in Fortnite. Yes, players are offered dance moves in the name of “emotes”. And among these moves, players can also perform the popular floss move, a speedy dance created by the backpack kid.

Fortnite Tracker

A Fortnite tracker such as is a tool which let‘s you to check your player statistics such as kills, deaths, wins, score, matches played and more. On TrackerFortnite website you can also compare players‘ stats, check leaderboards, item & challenge databases/trackers, read guides, latest Fortnite News & more!

How to download Fortnite

In order to download Fortnite Battle Royale Game for your PC, tablet or a mobile device, please head to the Epic Games website:

Good luck!